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~recent R&D projects

SME&U by DOT LOVES DATA  -  Dotteratti
Dr Paul Bracewell - Dot Loves Data
DOT LOVES DATA is a team of 21, joining the dots between data science and marketing. “Simple really, we build AI enabled data products to solve business problems” says partner Dr. Paul Bracewell (pictured). “We dig deep into messy, unstructured data to find the compelling story within”.

One of those products is called SME&U, DOT’s own AI profiling tool that gathers information on businesses and presents it in a concise and insightful way.

The data is harvested by a high performance computing cluster consisting of 300 CPUs spread across 32 servers, extracting all the good oil processing from around 25 million SME webpages across Australasia.

Learn more: dotlovesdata.com


Grant Muir - Wai NZ
WAI NZ's 'River Watch' is a water sensor, logger that measures water quality over a 24/7 period.

WAI NZ's director Grant Muir (pictured)  says "Unlike other sensors, River Watch is light, portable and affordable at 10% of the cost of current devices. It has proven accuracy, solar power and communicates using WiFi or cellphone."

Public access to water quality data will substantially increase with ‘River Watch’. WAI NZ is working closely with GWRC, Horizons, Forest & Bird, ESR, Landcare Research and Iwi.

WAI NZ received the 2016 WWF Conservation Innovation Award. 'River Watch' will make our water safe for swimming again.

Learn more: www.wainz.org.nz


PETRONIC INDUSTRIES' F220 Fire Alarm Control Panel  -  Raising the Alarm Bar David Percy - Pertronic Industries

Pertronic Industries makes fire alarm control equipment at Wingate. Their latest product has proved a big success in Australia.
It’s the F220 Fire Alarm Control Panel, and it was designed to meet revised fire standards in Australia. 

“We could have simply updated an existing product to meet the new Standards,” Pertronic MD David Percy (pictured) says. “But we took the opportunity to incorporate advanced electronics and enhanced display technology.”

The F220 uses a colour LCD display to give clear fire location information, and is fully certified to Australian Standards. A New Zealand variant will be released later this year. 

Learn more: www.pertronic.co.nz


Ecoslab by Poly Palace - Zero Waste HeroesRichard Moore - Poly Palace

Polystyrene waste is such a problem that some US cities now ban it completely. In Porirua, however, Poly Palace has developed  'Ecoslab' taking all that waste packaging and turning it into something useful for the local economy. 

450m3 of ‘Ecoslab’ has been used in the Mackays to Peka Peka Expressway as light rigid fill in bridges and median barriers.

“We not only supplied our 100% recycled 'Ecoslab' at a lower cost,” says Richard Moore (pictured), Poly Palace’s Director, Inventor and Operator. “We also prefabricated the required shapes at the factory. This meant fast and accurate installation on site with zero-waste."

Learm more: www.polypalace.com/  


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