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There are many ways for businesses to move data between their databases, spreadsheets, text files and the cloud, but Conductor, developed by Eight Wire, is acloud-based data integration tool like no other. 

It all started as Eight Wire’s two founders were pondering life’s Big Question. “Why is data management such a pain for businesses?” They decided it didn’t have to be and built a solution – Conductor.

“The key difference is that Conductor is built to help businesses manage their data, not for developers to build code”, Eight Wire’s business director Jason Gleason says.

“If a business taps into a traditional integration tool, they’ll need to hire specialists and buy hardware and software to get everything connected, which could take months. Conductor provides a single portal and runs on existing hardware. And it automatically fixes data errors.”

That means a huge saving in time and money. One Conductor user found a task that had taken 3 weeks under another system was now being completed in 4 hours. Resene Paints cut its costs by more than 80% switching to Conductor.

Eight Wire jumped headfirst into the Wellington start-up community back in September 2013. In June, Conductor is launching in the US on the big boys’ cloud software markets.

Learn More: www.eight-wire.com

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