2017 Emerging Gold - Services

~ 10 or fewer full-time employees

WIZWIRELESS  -  No 8 Wired
Bridget Canning - WIZwireless
Wiz Wireless is on a mission to bring rural broadband to users all through the Wairarapa and beyond.

“We started the business back in 2005, as a way of solving the issues with rural broadband in our area,” CEO Bridget Canning (pictured) says. “Our rule was and still is to never say “no” to potential clients, no matter how remote they may be.”

WIZ currently has 66 radio sites with another 9 planned in the next few months and an estimated 50-60 new sites planned over the next three years. The vast majority of the sites (46) are solar powered, and engineered to cope with the sometimes formidable Wairarapa breeze.

Learn more: http://wizwireless.co.nz    @WIZwireless


THE MISPRINT CO.  -  Noteworthy Notebooks

The Misprint Co collects waste paper and repurposes it into good-looking notebooks as an alternative to recycling.
Kareena Harris - The Misprint Co

“Most of our recycled paper is sent to Asia, where copious amounts of water, chemicals and energy are used to turn barely used paper into clean sheets,” founder Kareena Harris (pictured right with co-founder Jenny Buckler) says. “It makes more sense to repurpose it.”

Repurposing involves sorting paper by ‘blankness’, then curating it into practical and fun notebooks. Since its beginnings in 2015, the team at Misprint now has 100-plus customers and has sold over 10,000 notebooks, saving more than 350,000 sheets of paper and 3.5 million litres of water along the way!

Learn more: www.misprint.co    The Misprint Co.

 -  Retreading Our Threads
The Formary

The Formary is at the cutting edge of textile development, creating circular supply chains for clothing that has reached it’s the end of life.

“A single t-shirt takes over 2,700 litres of water to make,” says The Formary CEO Peter Thompson (pictured with fellow Formarys Bernadette Casey and Patricia Given). “That’s how much a person drinks in 3 years – the planet can’t sustain the way our economy over-uses it’s resources like that.”

The Formary works with business worldwide, assisting brands like Starbucks, Air New Zealand, Fonterra and IKEA. Transforming clothing and textile waste into feedstock for industry, while also reducing ecological impacts. Along the way they have picked up international awards for their work.

Learn more: www.theformary.com The Formary


QUANTUM SECURITY  -  Cyber DefendersPeter Jakowetz - Quantum Security

Founded in 2014, Quantum Security is a specialist, fully independent information security consultancy with a focus on making security as straightforward as possible.

The Quantum team prides itself on having both the technical expertise and the people skills required to provide excellence to clients. Offering a range of both governance and compliance, and technical security services, the company works with New Zealand clients in the telecommunications, government, banking and utilities industries.

“Every day at work is different,” Security Consultant Peter Jakowetz (pictured) says. “It’s great to be able to work with such a wide range of clients and technologies.”

Learn more: www.quantumsecurity.co.nz



HELLO DIGITAL  - Screen SaversAngus Allan - Hello Digital

Hello Digital creates innovative digital products that solve problems, disrupt incumbents and change the world. “2016 was a successful year”, director

“2016 was a successful year”, director Angus Allan (pictured) says of the company that kicked off in 2014. “We started 2016 with a handful of clients in New Zealand, and by the end of the year 62% of business was coming from offshore clients in 9 countries.”

In 2017 Hello Digital to make significant advancements across their business, with a renewed focus on digital software that complements their existing services business. “We see our product division as a key source of future growth,” Angus says.

Learn more: www.hellodigital.nz      @hellodigitalnz



- Speedy Feeds 
Nick Foster - Delivereasy

Tired of home delivery pizza? The guys at Delivereasy were, so they developed a service that lets you order from a wide range of restaurants to your home.

A few clicks and your order goes to your favourite restaurant, then straight from the kitchen to the scooter to your place.

In 12 months Delivereasy has grown from 3 blokes in a garage in Mount Victoria to a team of 80 part-time drivers providing home delivery from 52 restaurants across Wellington and Auckland.

“We’re stoked to be Wellington’s most popular restaurant delivery service,” Director Nick Foster (pictured) says. “And we're looking forward to further growth across NZ.”

Learn more: www.delivereasy.co.nz       @delivereasy

Photo: Lucy Jane Revill, The Residents Blog


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