2017 Cyber Gold Finalists


SUITEFILES  -  Sweet Files o' Mine
Andrew Sims - SuiteFiles

SuiteFiles builds cloud-based document management software that’s gaining world-class appeal as robust, affordable and easy-to-use.

Built with SMBs in mind, SuiteFiles is kitted out with features to make file management simple. “It’s cloud-based, because we believe business is better in the cloud,” CEO Andrew Sims (pictured) says. “And because it’s fully integrated with Office 365 and a host of other business tools, users can hit the ground running,”

75% of users come from the accounting and financial services industry. SMBs face the challenge of having similar requirements to larger businesses but without the same resources - SuiteFiles allows them to truly manage and work with their files more productively.

Learn more: www.suitefiles.com   SuiteFiles


HOMES.CO.NZ - Proper Property Info

John Holt - Homes.co.nz

Homes.co.nz offers NZ s most comprehensive real estate dataset through a deceptively simple website – 300,000 homeowners, planners, lenders, buyers and sellers use the service each month.

The free platform is designed to help people make decisions at every stage of their property journey, not just the buy and sell phase, founder and CEO John Holt (pictured) says. “From sales histories to broadband speeds to estimated values; anyone can gain insights to 1.7 million NZ homes. We have property data from more sources than any other.”

Homes.co.nz has partnered with corporates like Westpac, Spark and Contact Energy, as well at real estate companies and private schools.

Learn more: www.homes.co.nz Homes.co.nz



ALPHERO - Digital Transformers
Caroline Dewe - Alphero

Alphero is a leader in digital and mobile change for New Zealand’s larger companies. Alphero likes its work used every day – it aims to be behind 60 percent of apps and sites people use daily.

Alphero partners with clients strategically, often longterm, Director Caroline Dewe (pictured) says “every piece of work we do has one eye on long-term trends so that our clients don’t get solutions for today, they get solutions that last into the future.”

“I’m proud we’ve lead some of the most ambitious digital programmes in New Zealand like the work we’ve done with The Co-Operative Bank and MediaWorks.”

Learn More: www.alphero.com    @TeamAlphero


CORDELL SUM SURE by CORE LOGIC  - Under Covered Detectives

Stephen Mitchell - CoreLogic

CoreLogic is the leading provider of property data, analytics and related services to consumers, investors, real estate, mortgage, finance, banking, building services, insurance, developers, and government.

Cordell Sum Sure is aimed at addressing the country’s chronic under-insurance issue, a shortfall estimated at $184 billion.
“Since the shift from replacement value insurance to consumer-nominated Sum Insured, homeowners have been responsible for estimating the rebuild costs of their properties,”

Country Manager Stephen Mitchell (pictured) says. “Cordell Sum Sure allows owners and insurers to quickly calculate a fact based reconstruction cost value for most homes with as little user input as the property address.”

Learn More: www.corelogic.co.nz     @CoreLogic NZ


FLICK ELECTRIC CO  - Power Switchers
Steve O'Connor - Flick Electric Co.

Flick Electric Co. has introduced the first real innovation to retail electricity in 30 years, giving customers a set of digital tools that helps them access the wholesale market price of electricity.

“Few New Zealanders know that the market price of electricity changes every half hour of every day,” Flick’s CEO Steve O’Connor (pictured) says. “A significant part of our business is educating consumers about how the market works.”

Knowledge is indeed power. Flick’s 24,000 happy customers (representing 1% market share) are able to make decisions about what appliances they use and when, to make huge savings – $498 on average over the past year in fact!

Learn more: www.flickelectric.co.nz    Flick Electric Co.


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