“HONEVO” by Honeylab - Winner 2014 Discovering Gold



The medicinal benefits of honey have been known in traditional remedies for centuries. Wellington company Honeylab has embarked on the world’s largest clinical trials programme for honey as a medicine, partnering with the Mayo Clinic.

Honevo® is their unique patent-pending combination of pharmaceutical grade kanuka honey and a stabilising ingredient.

Already laboratory and clinical studies have shown that it should be a very effective treatment for common skin conditions like acne, cold sores and nappy rash amongst other dermatology diseases, which is why one of the world’s most famous medical institutions, the Mayo clinic, has been attracted as a research partner.

Honeylab’s CEO Laurence Greig says the world market for dermatology treatments in 2013 is worth over US$16 billion. This justifies putting a natural product through the pharmaceutical drug development process to help establish it as a medicine. Honevo® has been registered for provisional patents here and in the US.

HoneyLab has started promising discussions with a few major global pharmaceutical companies in the USA, Europe and UK with a view to licensing Honevo®. Greig says that many pharmaceutical companies are actively seeking more natural medicines as their consumers are demanding alternatives to traditional synthetic drugs and HoneyLab plans to capitalize on this new segment which they are calling pharmanaturals.


LEARN MORE: www.honeylab.co.nz

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