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ParrotDog began as the home-brewing partnership of Matt Kristofski and Matt Warner in a dingy old flat in Aro Valley.

ParrotDog really kicked off when Matt Stevens was added to the grist in 2011 for the release of ParrotDog’s first commercially available contract brewed beer, ParrotDog BitterBitch.

Six months down the track the demand for ParrotDog beer meant that brewing production was in need of expansion, but due to a limited capacity in contract brewing space this was unable to happen. And so it was that in 2012 the ParrotDog brewery opened in the heart of Wellington city, on Vivian Street. ParrotDog has since seen record growth, with 897% increase in annual revenue in 2013.

"We keep having to put in more plant," says Matt Stevens, Director of ParrotDog Brewing - ParrotDog received a container load of new tanks from China this January which means they can now produce around 1 million bottles a year.

ParrotDog’s local Wellington market has continued to grow at a significant rate with new outlets opening up monthly, all of which are supplied directly by ParrotDog. Outside of Wellington, a distribution network ensures that ParrotDog’s product is also well supplied to the rest of country. Exporting to Australia has also contributed to ParrotDog’s steady growth rate with distribution in Australia now being spread across every state.

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