STQRY- Finalist 2014 Emerging Gold


STQRY (pronounced “Story”) is a mobile platform that any organisation may use to tell their stories, conveyed through rich multimedia content that visitors can access for free on their smartphones and devices. Currently museums, art galleries, zoos, sport events, and top tourism attractions are among the adopters of STQRY

When organisations join STQRY, they and are plotted on the app's map for everyone to discover and enjoy. This diverse network of hyper-connected organisations has organically formed into what become known as “the STQRY ecosystem.” Users can find organisations using the platform in the area, get directions to their venue and begin to engage with the content at the venue.

Organisations own and manage their own content, allowing them to effectively build a customised mobile experience at a fraction of the cost and effort required to build a bespoke application.

The initial idea coming about during a trip to the Wellington Zoo in June of 2012, says CEO and co-founder Chris Smith. "Ezel [Kokcu, the other co-founder] and I wanted to know more about the animals and thought there should be a fun, fast, and engaging way to satisfy their curiosity. So we built a platform, and it's taken off."

It has. STQRY is currently working with over 250 art & cultural organisations across New Zealand, Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. The STQRY app receives over 200,000 active users every month. The platform is now represented at almost all major New Zealand destinations, including all 83 iSite venues, city councils, notable museums, zoos and aquariums.

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