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Public Transport ticketing systems globally are expensive to run, with the cost of fare collection up to 14% of every fare and approximately half of that goes to managing topp
ing up transport cards.

Snapper has solved this problem with the development and deployment of the Snapper Mobile app, with a near field communication (NFC) smartphone the app can instantly check the balance, top up or buy a travel pass for a Snapper + card. Fundamentally reducing the cost of reload for transport ticketing operators and improving the customer experience for an essential daily service.

Touch2Pay is a further Snapper initiative, developed in conjunction with 2degrees, which transforms a smartphone into a contactless smart card.

And Snapper Parking takes the hassle out of paying to park, removing the pain of fumbling for coins or texting strings of numbers by allowing Snapper users to tap and pay.

The key to Snapper is its modularity, says Snapper CEO Miki Szikszai. "We're at the stage now where we can integrate a new service into the scheme within a matter of weeks. It might be a new provider, a new technology, a new device - we can make it happen almost instantly. And I don't know of any other scheme that can do that."

Snapper's objective is to answer the question “How can we make every day things easier?” That's reflected in the rapid take-up of Snapper. In less than 5 years it's now part of the fabric of Wellington – over 250,000 cards on issue used across 450 buses, 800 taxis, 550 parking meters, 250 retailers and one cable car.

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