TRANSPOWER - Finalists 2014 Team Gold


Transpower’s the company that transports the electricity from where it’s generated to where it’s needed - to domestic users, businesses, cities and major industrial users.

With nearly 12,000km of high voltage lines, 60 km of underground and submarine cable and 40,000 steel towers that need to be monitored and maintained, it’s a 24/7 operation for Transpower staff, around 500 of who are based in Wellington.

“Transpower places an extremely strong focus on the safety and health of its employees,” Cynthia Brophy General Manager People and Corporate Relations says. “And not just our people - we have contractors, subcontractors and the public as well. We’ve already got as wide range of successful programmes in place and when Activate2.0 was mooted we leapt at it.”

Activate 2.0, developed by a diverse group of Transpower employees, was a month-long company-wide health and wellbeing programme that encouraged all Transpower employees to think about their own, and their families’, health and wellbeing. Participating employees were asked to commit to a health related goal to work towards over the month, and beyond.

Employees’ goals were wide and varied, and covered a broad range of the health and wellbeing spectrum.

It worked - not only for the participants but for Transpower. The results were so encouraging Activate 2.0 has morphed into a long-term policy called Activate: Health As A Habit. All power to them.


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