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The Asian Events Trust is a charitable trust organising ‘Asian events’ in the Capital. Raising the profile of Asian culture in New Zealand not only creates awareness across the board, builds bridges for businesses wishing to forge economic links with Asia, but fosters pride within the New Zealand Asian community itself.

The Chinese New Year Festival is currently the Trust’s marquee event, bringing Wellington alive with a dynamic and colourful event. From the inaugural event in 2002, the Festival has grown exponentially with over 35,000 people sampling and sharing in Wellington’s unique celebration of Chinese New Year.

The Festival has even gone global with highlights of the 2014 event featured on China TV news and Tianjin TV including Wellington’s celebration this year in a documentary on how cities around the world celebrate Chinese New Year.

It’s a biggie, with over 2000 volunteers taking part in many different ways, overseen every year by Trust members Linda Lim (above), Stephannie Tims and Rita Tom.

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