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Protection Perfection!
Online security is big business, especially with big businesses. NZ’s leading specialist information security consulting company, Aura RedEye Security, has been picking holes in corporates’ websites and information systems since 2006 and offering solutions on how to keep all that data secure.

The latest innovation is RedShield. It’s an advanced web application firewall managed service that sits in front of a company’s websites, either using Aura’s global cloud nodes, or using dedicated hardware in a customer’s datacentre.

Aura RedShield aims for 100% website vulnerability shielding, a lofty target that makes the company unique globally and one that’s been achieved for 100% of customers.

CEO Andy Prow is justifiably proud of the record, and the product. “A customer in the US recently told us that each breach cost them over a million dollars in downtime, compliance costs and lost business, and that one estimate to repair them was over half a million, and take over 12 months to implement. With RedShield we shielded the issues within 5 days at a fraction of the cost per year.”

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