Booker Spalding

Finalists - Green GoldJohn Maurice

Longtime Leaders in Greening Corporate Wear

Booker Spalding specialises in bespoke corporate wardrobe, uniforms and workwear for all working environments. Their founders and employees have built a solid company and have upheld the success of outstanding service and delivery of corporate uniforms to many of New Zealand and Australia’s top companies.

Environmental responsibility drives the company and Green practices are part of everyday life. Their focus is innovation to maximise garment life, order and delivery systems that reduce our environmental impact.

In 2006, Booker Spalding was among the first 11 Wellington based companies to enrol in the crown research institute Landcare Research Enviro-Mark program, achieving Gold Level status in just 18 months, well ahead of the two year programme aim.

The company now holds the highest certification level of Diamond status. Maintaining that does put pressure on the business but also brings a range of benefits, CE John Maurice says. “Regular reporting ensures we stay current with best practice and that we keep performing to that level. Sustainability is now second nature to everyone here.”

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