Catch up - Sunil Vather

Name: Sunil Vather
Company: Im-Able
Established: 2009
By: Sunil Vather and Geoff Todd
Team:  6 including Elliott, Kernohan (Auckland); Raj Jadeja (EU Director); + 2 staff
Location: HQ - Queens Drive, Lower Hutt; Hemel Hempstead UK. 

Im-Able provides tools to accelerate recovery for people with neurological problems, such as stroke.

These tools are proven by clinical trials, inexpensive and fun. The products are home friendly therefore giving the stroke survivor control of their recovery in their time in their own homes.

The "Able-X" home computer programme is a cornerstone product. 

Sunil was born in South Africa. He has a D.Phil (Oxford) and an MBA (South Africa).

Geoff Todd is a New Zealander with extensive executive, governance and business development experience. He has Masters degree in economics.

Elliott Kernohan, the newly appointed CEO, has worked with start up companies in UK, NZ and South Africa. He has helped convert start ups into established commercial entities. He is a qualified commercial lawyer.

The Im-Able concept started at IRL, which had developed an early prototype that proved extremely effective in clinical trial conducted at Otago School of Medicine. 

Sunil and Geoff had family members who experienced stroke rehab without adequate tools and they both realized the huge potential for home friendly tools that were effective.
We steadily increased export sales into Australia, UK, China and Honk Kong. 

We achieved FDA clearance and CE approval for the Able-X system which gave us freedom to sell the products in USA and Europe. This process took 18 months and cost $200,000 

We have lots of "Wow Moments" as we have personally witnessed major improvements in mobility, concentration and memory improvement to people who use our products. The personal stories reaffirm our commitment.

• Raising funds for international growth.
• Establishing credible awareness amongst health professionals.. 

Im-Able plans to leverage the awareness and continue to grow sales, especially overseas UK, NZ and Australia. 
We want to move through the evaluation stage and have the business cash neutral by early 2015.

In 10 years we want Im-Able Systems to be firmly established as tools of choice.  

Introduce a wider range of effective tools for Home Recovery that become a standard health solution for neurological recovery. 

Health and aging institutions are being decentralised and rehab is moving out more and more into people's homes. Home recovery is essential.  

This Home Centric Rehabilitation system empowers patients. The psychological benefits of self help are significant - the patients feel that they are not a burden on others and they can take better control of their recovery. 

Health professionals are overworked and do not have enough time to explore new options.
Sunil Vather speaks about his business journey at the 

"Innovating for Health" conference in Wellington (March 2012)...

Client Comments:
“Able-X is a quantum leap towards stroke recovery. It is far more exciting than anything we have had available to stroke survivors in the past” 
- Grace Moulton, 
GM, NZ Stroke Foundation Central Region 

“Able-X is extremely helpful in improving my physical coordination” - Chris Knox, Musician

“The improvements seen in John are amazing. He can use both hands now. The strength in his left arm has improved out of sight. His brain is more able to deal with things, which is so good as it puts his life on a more normal setting ... it has given him confidence in himself again, which I think is a major achievement.” John Lash, through his partner, Brenda

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