- Winner 2014 Creative Gold

Although DNA is a design company at heart, Customer Experience Design - CXD - defines what it does and how its done: this means bringing users to life and helping their clients provide their customers with a great experience - be it in banking, power, insurance or social services. 

It's not enough any more to flip the 'closed' sign to 'open' and wait - customers are spoilt for choice, and more discerning than ever. Through adding insight in to user needs and bringing prototyping to the fore, CXD aims to give businesses a competitive edge and solutions which lessen risk and add to differentiation.

"Customers want to be more in control, to be able to engage with you through any channel and have an experience that is relevant, effective and seamless," says DNA MD Grenville Main. "And that's what we create here for our clients."

DNA's Wellington client base includes BNZ, TAB, All Blacks, NZ Post, Powershop, Icebreaker, Opus and ACC and more - it's a mix across both public and private sector. The company has achieved impressive market growth - 36% over the last year, a significant part down to the increased focus on CXD. 

After 23 years, DNA remains devoted to selling Wellington. "It's compact, it’s connected, it’s capable and cultured," says Grenville Main. "We love how we’ve contributed to the creative heart in this creative capital and don’t intend to stop that – ever!"

Learn more: www.dna.co.nz

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